5 week course - Thursday 31st May to Thursday 28th June

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5 week course - Thursday 31st May to Thursday 28th June


Join us for a series of five Thursday evening workshops from 6pm til 9pm at our photographic studio in Tempe.

Thursday 31st May 6pm til 9pm

Week 1: Intro

  • Introduction to a professional photographic studio.

  • Gain understanding of how a full editorial photo shoot is constructed.

  • Flash/constant light workshop.

  • Attendees start brainstorming ideas for their own fashion photo shoot.

  • Learn how to cast models and pull a creative team together.

Thursday 7th June 6pm til 9pm

Week 2: Watch your mentor do a real fashion photo shoot and even take a few images yourself

  • Bring your camera along for your first taste of working in a professional photographic studio with model and hair and make up artist.

  • Learn technical camera skills, studio techniques and tips on posing models.

  • Learn what it is like to work with real clients in the fashion industry, as well as Make Up Artists, Hair Stylists, Creative Directors and Stylists.



Thursday 14th June 6pm til 9pm

Week 3: Beauty Editorial Photo Shoot


  • Further development of studio techniques.

  • First beauty editorial photo shoot.


Thursday 21st June 6pm til 9pm

Week 4: Fashion Editorial Photo Shoot

  • Further development of studio techniques.

  • Mentor provides guidance and feedback throughout.


Thursday 28th June 6pm til 9pm

Week 5: Attendees receive feedback on their work and a plan for the future


  • Mentor provides guidance and feedback on the work created throughout the course.

  • Photoshop demonstration on imagery created throughout the course.

  • One-on-one plan for your future in fashion.


What you will learn -


* Learn about all the elements that must come together for a fashion photo shoot to be successful in a small class setting

* Work as part of our team of professionals, during the course, to make it happen

* Discover behind-the-scenes techniques to create, for example, an effect through lighting

* Learn about the contribution made by all the professionals involved in the process; the photographer, hair and make-up artist, stylist and model

* Discover the importance of collaboration and how to give direction to achieve the result you want

* Become a photographer on our team, for the course, and use your own SLR camera to create images to add to your portfolio.

Additional Information:

– Spaces are strictly limited.

–  Each participant is allocated 30 minutes 1-on-1 with Cass to discuss anything from image and portfolio critic to business planning

– Professional models and hair and make up artists for the shoots planned by The Fashion Photography School

– Images taken during the workshop are encouraged to be used for social media, website and portfolio use.

- The course is ideal for serious photographers interested in adding fashion images to their photography portfolio  

You will need:

* an SLR camera

* heaps of enthusiasm and

* a willingness to be part of our team for the duration of the course

You will leave with:

*all course participants receive a six-month complimentary PRO membership of theright.fit, an online community that connects professionals in the fashion industry.

* an understanding of the elements that make a fashion shoot successful  

* a selection of images to add to your photography portfolio

* as well as the memories of your behind-the-scenes fashion adventure.


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