Join the fun and glamour of a fashion photo shoot where you get to be the model.

At The Fashion Photography School, we'll help you get ready for a starring role in our model development course.

Sit back and relax. Become the centre of attention as our hair and make-up artists work their magic; it's more fun than a pedicure!

And while they complete the final brush strokes, we'll get the designer rags ready on the rack, the lighting just right, and the camera to ready, set, go.

All we need now is for you to add your glamour to this photo shoot. We'll give you tips about how to pose so you leave us with professional images suitable for your print and digital portfolio. And great to show friends and family. And perfect to take with you to castings.

Did we mention we'll take the mystery out of castings? For anyone serious about a modelling career, that insider's view can make all the difference to casting that next coveted job.

The model development course is ideal for:

* Models, aged between 15 and 24, exclusively for those serious about building a career in the industry.

In more detail:

* You will gain an insider's view of castings in a small class setting

* You will learn how to pose and take direction for a photo shoot

* Discover how model agencies can help your career

* How social media can assist your career

* Learn which images to include in your portfolio

* How collaborations work and

* Amass a detailed view of the current job market and opportunities.

You will leave with:

*all course participants receive a six-month complimentary PRO membership of, an online community that connects professionals in the fashion industry.

* Professional images suitable for your print and digital portfolio

* And an insider's view of how a modelling career can progress

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