In this introductory one-day course, you will gain unprecedented access to a fashion photo shoot. This is a front-row seat adventure at The Fashion Photography School, the stuff of dreams except for you, this dream can come true.

Learn from, and work with, a team of professionals such as a photographer, model, hair and make-up artist and stylist to stage a fashion shoot and to produce images to add to your portfolio and to remember your time with us.

In more detail:

* Learn about all the elements that must come together for a fashion photo shoot to be successful in a small class setting

* Work as part of our team of professionals, during the course, to make it happen

* Discover behind-the-scenes techniques to create, for example, an effect through lighting

* Learn about the contribution made by all the professionals involved in the process; the photographer, hair and make-up artist, stylist and model

* Discover the importance of collaboration and how to give direction to achieve the result you want

* Become a photographer on our team, for the course, and use your own SLR camera to create images to add to your portfolio.

This course is ideal for:

* Serious photographers interested in adding fashion images to their photography portfolio  


You will need:

* an SLR camera

* heaps of enthusiasm and

* a willingness to be part of our team for the duration of the course


You will leave with:

*all course participants receive a six-month complimentary PRO membership of, an online community that connects professionals in the fashion industry.

* an understanding of the elements that make a fashion shoot successful  

* a selection of images to remember your day and to add to your photography portfolio

* as well as the memories of your behind-the-scenes fashion adventure.

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