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Student Feature - Joshua Sgarano

We love seeing stunning results from our fashion photography workshops and these images from Joshua Sgarano are no exception. 

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5 mins with our model, Olivia Arezzolo

What does a typical day look like?

It always starts in the same way - I write my goals, affirmations and 3 things I'm grateful for in my gratitude journal, all while i'm drinking a cup of tea. Next is fitness - either a run, gym, some stretching, walk. After that, there is definitely no typical routine - and I love it. Shooting, castings, emails, meeting with PR agencies, attending events! Any single one or a mix of them all! 

Image by Stewart Douglas

Image by Stewart Douglas

What was the most exciting fashion shoot you have done?

I recently shot a campaign in Mallorca, Spain, for Puro Beach Club - this meant we had to enact being guests. So part of the job was having breakfast, laying by the pool, drinking cocktails and even getting a 30 minute massage. Not sure if it was the mojitos, the crystal blue waters or the fact that I literally fell asleep during my massage, but I was definitely in heaven! 


Image by  J  oshua Sgarano

Image by Joshua Sgarano

Who is your favourite photographer to work with?

This is a tricky one! I love so many! In girls - Cassandra is definitely one of my favourites as she gets the shot super fast. I also love working with the boys who are absolute veterans of the industry: Steven Chee, Ed Purnomo, Peter Soulis, JAmes Pipino and Kane Skennar.

Image by Stewart Douglas

Image by Stewart Douglas