Meet the team: Hair and make up artist Natalia Ladyko


Natalia has been in the film, TV and entertainment industry for 14 years as an actress. Natalia is also a highly skilled visual artist. Together, these two skills has seen Natalia create beautiful soft looks to genuine pieces of art on a human canvas. 

What does a typical day look like to you?

There are no typical days! One day I might have to be on set / location at 5am. The next I may be able to have a coffee on my lounge in the morning, go to the gym, then work into the evening. I may have a private client, then off to do a photo shoot or stand-by on a reality TV show where I may not finish until 5am in the morning!

But one thing you can count on is, at some point I’ll need to wash makeup brushes!

What is the most exciting fashion beauty look you have done?

The most exciting look so far has been for a lingerie brand where I made the models into characters like Freda Khalo, Madona, Venus, to name a few.

What is the most exciting shoot you have been on?

The most exciting to date would have to be the one I just mentioned. Although, the day was long and tough. Looking forward to seeing the final images!